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3 Reasons Why Celebrities Are Obsessed With Mechanical Watches

There are many reasons why mechanical timepieces are so popular with celebrities, no matter how expensive they are.

Let's take a look why....

1) Craftsmanship

Mechanical watches are very complex and labour intensive to produce, making them rare.

Each movement is made of hundreds of intricate parts, that are crafted with advanced engineering.

It’s a piece of art that can be admired and appreciated.

The mechanics that were used hundreds of years ago are still used today. It’s a craft that’s been developed over centuries.

2) Heritage

Automatic watches can last for decades and can be passed down from one generation to the next.

That's one major reason why people want to invest in a mechanical watch, so it can passed down the family.

Not to mention, the idea of wearing their grandfather's mechanical watch is also quite meaningful. That cannot be done with a quartz watch.

3) Value

Great pieces of craftmanship tend to increase in value, compared to fast consumable goods.

When you think of the timepieces made by Audemars Piguet, many of their rarer pieces surge in value. However cheap quartz watches can lose all their value.

Mechanical watches are incredible pieces of craftsmanship that make a real statement about a person's status.

Jay-Z is often seen with his Audermars Piguet Royal Oak timepiece, to reflect his iconic style. They start at £15,000!


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What People Are Saying

Monsieur Ashley


"It looks like an exceptionally expensive item, when in fact it costs a mere £189 and looks like a £10,000 watch. I wore it to work and had 4 people come up to me and said "Oh my god that watch looks so expensive”.

When actually i never get anyone come up to me when i’m wearing any of my Rolexes."

"Great quality watch!"

"I have to say that this is the best watch I have ever bought. It feels solid, like it was made of quality materials. It is by far superior to my Stuhrling skeleton"

Aaron Hollman

12/07/2019 12:21

"I love the weight to this watch"

"Has a really good weight to it and makes it feel like an expensive watch. I also love the way you can change the straps as the tan strap is more me.

Peter Su

08/05/19, 14:42

"Present for my husband"

"I bought the watch for my husbands birthday and he was over the moon with it. Loved the blue colour."

Lynne Smith

13/08/19. 18.35





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