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4 Reasons Guys Love Tempus Faire

Imagine a company that has partnered with the designers and manufacturers of today’s most prestigious watch brands ...

Now imagine a company using those partnerships to create luxury timepieces without the excess price.

That’s the promise being fulfilled by Tempus Faire.

It has become the watch maker of choice for those who appreciate a well-designed, premium watch without the excess cost.

Now men from all walks of life can get an eye-catching, conversation-sparking timepiece ...

Here are four more reasons why Tempus Faire is standing out in a crowded marketplace.

1) Beautifully Designed Watches

The first thing you’ll notice about a Tempus Faire watch is that it is nothing like the mass-produced watches today.

Tempus Faire collaborates with designers who have trained at top fashion houses around the world – and it shows.

Each watch looks unique and has a unique story that helps the wearer connect with the watch even more.

Their first collection was created by designer Clement Sinibaldi, a highly skilled craftsman. He has worked with some of the top watch brands, such as Audermars Piguet and Faberge.

2) Precision Craftmanship

Tempus Faire watches offer precision craftmanship, yet are very affordable.

This combination allows any man to enjoy the pleasure that comes with wearing a reliable, stylish watch.

Each timepiece is carved from surgical grade steel, that allows it to look even better as the watch ages.

Sapphire crystals coat the watch glass, and the dial showcases Swiss lume hands.

Inside, the watch features a Japanese automatic movement. These components will keep it functioning smoothly and on time for generations.

3) Quality At An Affordable Price

Tempus Faire has formed partnerships with designers and manufacturers of expensive watch brands.

These partnerships have enabled it to accomplish something other watch brands have not ... high quality watches while keeping the price low for consumers.

That unique combination separates Tempus Faire from anyone else in the market.

Consumers are not paying for a brand name, they are only paying for quality and style.

4) Striving To Do Good In The World

Tempus Faire believes in giving back and is passionate about design.

Those two things have led it to partner with the charity Annos Africa to help teach design skills to children in Africa.

The charity runs various art projects for impoverished children living in Kenya.

Tempus Faire has made it its mission to bring 1,000 children in Africa out of poverty. It plans to help them gain the skills they need to have successful careers in the design and arts industry.

So Are You Ready to Say Good-bye to Expensive,Poorly Designed Watches for Good?

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What People Are Saying

Monsieur Ashley


"It looks like an exceptionally expensive item, when in fact it costs a mere £189 and looks like a £10,000 watch. I wore it to work and had 4 people come up to me and say "Oh my god that watch looks so expensive”.

When actually i never get anyone come up to me when i’m wearing any of my Rolexes."

"Great quality watch!"

"I have to say that this is the best watch I have ever bought. It feels solid, like it was made of quality materials. It is by far superior to my Stuhrling skeleton"

Aaron Hollman

12/07/2019 12:21

"I love the weight to this watch"

"Has a really good weight to it and makes it feel like an expensive watch. I also love the way you can change the straps as the tan strap is more me.

Peter Su

08/05/19, 14:42

"Present for my husband"

"I bought the watch for my husbands birthday and he was over the moon with it. Loved the blue colour."

Lynne Smith

13/08/19. 18.35





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