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Our Story

A great watch is a gentleman’s best friend. The only problem? It’s not always accessible.

For years, watch enthusiasts have had to pay thousands of pounds for beautiful designer watches, not realizing that these timepieces can directly be bought from world-renowned artisans at a fraction of the cost.

Tempus Faire strived to build a network of artisans and watch masters who will create exclusive timepieces, minus the unnecessary mark-up. 

We collaborated with skilled designers, trained at the top fashion houses such as London, Paris and Milan.

This is Tempus Faire. This is luxury, redefined.

Meet Clement Sinibaldi, a master craftsman who has created some of the most coveted watches on the market sold by brands like Fabergé, Garmin, and Audemars Piguet.

The French designer is well-known for his eye for the modern and the mechanical.

Together, we are happy to introduce our first collection inspired by the 21st century gentleman:the Comrade collection.

 Every single component of your Tempus Faire watch is designed, and assembled carefully and precisely to give you the perfect product.

Watch straps are sourced directly from the finest leather tanneries in Italy. We selected the best combination of colour and texture so you can enjoy a comfortable and beautiful wrist piece.

Tempus Faire watches are made from surgical grade steel offering durability and luxury that will only look better throughout the years.

We make the little details count. The dial hands are coated with premium lume pigments that illuminate elegantly in the dark. The watch face glass is fashioned out of sapphire crystals, making it scratch resistant and twice more durable than normal glass. 

 We are passionate about design and have partnered with a local charity, to teach these skills to impoverished children in Africa.

For each watch sold, we will donate towards a brick to build a design school.

Our mission is to bring 1,000 children out of poverty and have a career in the arts industry.

Thanks for your support,

James, Founder of Tempus Faire